An Open Letter to All Brides | Enjoy your Day!

Dear Brides,

Your wedding day is the only one you have – so please, take the time to enjoy your day!  All your friends and family will give you so much advice before your wedding but none of them will tell you to ENJOY your day!  Stop.  Look.  Absorb your surroundings.  Take it all in!  This is it!  Wow!  YOUR WEDDING DAY!

When you are planning your wedding day, it’s always best to give yourself lots of time!  Factor in travel time, small delays and even “social time” for those ten-minute conversations you’ll have with your Aunt Jane as she catches you in the hall on your way to get your makeup done.  If your day is too full of things to do, you will be very, very stressed!  Give yourself time to enjoy your wedding day.

Why is it important to enjoy your day?  Well… aside from the fact that, you know, it’s your wedding day, there will be candid photos snapped of you all throughout the day (both by your photographer and by your friends/family).  Do you want to look stressed out in your candid photos?  No!  You want to be laughing, smiling, enjoying yourself!

Our groom is clearly having the time of his life!

One of the biggest mistakes, in my opinion, that brides make is saying “Let’s do some of the formal photos during the reception”.  No one wants to take pictures during the reception.  Trust me.  By the time your reception rolls around, you will be so tired of smiling for cameras that you will just want to relax and party (not to mention, your guests won’t want to switch from party mode back into formal mode).  If you can’t get your formal photos done during the day, consider adding time during the day or decreasing the amount of “must-have” shots so that you can allow yourself a fun evening.

So, to all the brides out there, take it from someone who has not only been behind the camera at a bazillion weddings but also been in the big white dress herself… you deserve to enjoy your day!  Not only will your photos be better but you will have much happier memories of your special day!



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