Many soon-to-be weds find themselves asking one very specific question in relation to their wedding photography needs, and that is, “Should I buy an album?”  It’s a question that’s pondered not only before the walk down the aisle but afterwards, too.  Many couples find themselves spending thousands of dollars on a quality wedding photographer only to throw their USB of images into a drawer and never do anything with the images.

I’ve written quite a few articles in the past regarding the benefits of a wedding album and exploring why wedding albums are so ‘expensive’, but today, I’m trying a different approach.

Let’s forget about photos for a minute and talk about the wedding dress.  Ahh… that awesome, perfectly fitting, just-what-you-dreamed-of gown.  Whether you were lucky enough to find it within a few hours or spent weeks (or months!) finding just the right one, there’s a pretty darn good chance you didn’t settle on a so-so gown.  You may have even gone over your initial budget, but when you see the perfect gown and you know you look perfect in it, you whip out the Visa card and purchase it.  After all, it may be one day but you want to look damn good, right?

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What would you do if someone told you that you could get a Maggie Sottero gown on eBay, likely from China, for only $100?  Would you have cancelled your appointments at the bridal stores?  Nope.  You would have said “Uh… no, I don’t want a knock off gown, thank you very much.” and dismissed the idea.  They might continue to try to convince you and tell you that even though it won’t be identical to your Maggie Sottero gown of choice, it will be similar enough.  Sure the materials won’t be the same, but it will be similar enough.  Sure the beading and lace won’t be the same, but it will be similar enough.

Similar enough – the phrase uttered constantly when comparing a crappily made counterfeit wedding gown to the real thing.

Luckily, you’re not letting yourself be fooled by something that’s too good to be true.  You tune out the counterfeit gown idea and finalize your purchase of your genuine, utterly perfect, Maggie Sottero gown.

So why will a bride dismiss the idea of a nasty knock-off wedding gown yet embrace the idea of a knock-off wedding album?

You didn’t want the knock-off wedding dress as the materials can be different than that in the real gown.  But the materials that a professional album are made out of are far superior than that in a do-it-yourself album.

You didn’t want the knock-off wedding dress because the details, beads and lace, can be different than that in the real gown.  But the details put into a professional album – the custom layout, hand binding, genuine leather covers – are exactly as you order them.

You didn’t want the knock-off wedding dress even though it was cheaper because you knew you would look better in the real thing.  Yet you dismiss the idea of a professional printed, vibrant, long-lasting wedding album because you think a mediocre print lab can make something that compares to what the professional you hired can produce?

Why the change in priorities?  Why is quality important sometimes and not others?  The dress is worn for a day but the images should last a lifetime!

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If you genuinely value your photos, you’ll opt to purchase a wedding album.  You’ll love it.  The design will flow perfectly, telling an uninterrupted story, and the materials and colours will remain as fresh in 15 years as they looked on the day you cracked the cover for the first time.  The hand-binding will ensure that no matter how many times you flip through it or how wide you open it, you won’t crack the glue and have a page fall out.  You can love your wedding album with the intensity you love each other – it will last.

So what does your wedding gown well you about your wedding album?  If you opted for a genuine gown, instead of the online knock-off, then quality matters so you and you must find a way to get your wedding album.  Missing out on the opportunity to purchase your album is as large of a regret as buying that knock-off dress would be.