While all the big blogs like Petapixel and Fstoppers are writing retorts to Vogue in regards to their ’10 Wedding Rules to Break‘ article, I wanted to say thank you.  Seriously.  Thank you, Vogue.  I truly appreciate that you posted that article and I promise you that there isn’t the smallest bit of sarcasm in this sentence.

Am I crazy?  

Well, that may be slightly debatable as the number of cats I own is ever increasing, but I also think my point is valid.

For those of you who didn’t read the Vogue article; the long and short of is that Vogue posted a list of 10 things that you can choose not to do or have at your wedding.  Near the top of the list was professional wedding photography.  Their reasoning was that your “drunken guests” with cellphone (or disposable cameras) will take plenty of images that will leave you with memories.

ten2tenphotography wedding contest 2015 15 - Thank you, Vogue, for your '10 Wedding Rules to Break' Article

I’ve spent a few days thinking about this… and this is the conclusion I’ve made.

You know how in highschool or college/university there was always that one girl that lived by what Cosmo magazine had to say?  She would try all the beauty secrets, try to find her soulmate with all the weird “pick up” tricks they offered and may have even tried to rock someone’s world with other way-out-there bedroom tips?  Yeah… we all had that friend.  We loved her because she was sweet and so easily swayed by her favourite magazine; but as we grew up, we slowly began to realize that this friend really couldn’t think for herself.  There wasn’t an independent thought to be had in her head.  She just blindly followed all the “advice” in her beloved Cosmo and held it as gospel.

Well, we all grew up a little more and Cosmo magazines slowly became Vogue magazines.

And that same girl is still reading them and treating them as gospel.  “Well, if the magazine says to do this so obviously I should be questioning why I want a photographer.  Maybe they are onto something here… I mean, I could save a lot of money.”

So why do I want to thank Vogue for their controversial wedding photography article?

Isn’t it obvious?  I’m an established wedding photographer.  I charge an appropriate amount for my services given my background, artistic skill and publication history.  I capture beautiful moments and create artistic memories.  My clients happily pay for my company’s services because they are able to not only see but also acknowledge the level of talent and dedication that goes into what we do.

Vogue’s article does not speak to this type of bride.  Vogue’s article speaks to the bride who believes that the “wedding industry” just wants to shake every last dime from you.  Vogue’s article speaks to the bride who has little to no appreciate for the hard work and dedication that various vendors bring to the wedding day.  Vogue’s article speaks for clients who are not our ideal client.

So thank you Vogue, for helping to ensure that the emails that land in my inbox are from those who are able to recognize the talent and dedication is takes to do what I do and who are happy to have us as a part of their wedding day team.