When it comes to trying to find Wedding Albums in Canada, most photographers are at a loss.  While places like the US, Australia and Europe have been doing a killer job producing high quality wedding albums, Canada was always a few steps behind.

Until now.

Holy moly, the quality of wedding albums in Canada has skyrocketed and I couldn’t be more pleased.  While IRISbooks is a popular option located in Vancouver, my personal favourite fine-art wedding album supplier in Canada is Dekora Albums and here’s why.

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Dekora is a smaller company.  At the time of writing this article, they are busy as beavers making a new website to show Canada just how awesome they really are.  Their products are awesome and most importantly, their customer service is fantastic.  The photographers that go to Dekora aren’t just “another number”; they are artists with their own needs and Dekora is there to make it happen for them.  The types of albums are highly customizeable; different substrates, both silver halide as well as giclée printing options as well as a variety of cover options and accents that can be added.  If you need something that they don’t advertise, talk to them!  They’re all about communication and customer service which is why in 2016, we left our previous US supplier and chose Dekora Albums as our supplier.

Our new album option include all that Dekora has to offer; lustre finish, matte finish, medium or full-thickness pages as well as dozens of cover options (many of which are vegan friendly).  I’m so excited to get my sample albums in I feel like a kid at Christmas time!  (If you’re a photographer, I’m sure you’ve felt this way at one time or another with your business, too!)

If you’re a professional photographer in Canada, I would highly recommend that you consider using Dekora Albums.  Not only will it you be supporting your own economy, you also won’t have to worry about the dropping Canadian dollar and exchange rate when dealing with US companies.

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