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Casa Loma Wedding Photos

It has been a few years since we had the privilege of capturing Casa Loma wedding photos, so when A+S booked us for their wedding, we were beyond excited! Not only is Casa Loma an intensely romantic and luscious place to have a wedding, but we knew that we were working alongside our partners and friends at Eksena Films. One of the things that makes these photos truly unique is that there’s no ceremony! A+S were married in a private ceremony earlier, and this was their reception.

A lot of COVID-couples have had to adapt to the restrictions in Ontario and many are wondering “should I get married now and have my reception later?” and to that I say – YES! Just look at these photos and tell me that this isn’t a super special day and an epic party? These Casa Loma wedding photos have just as much emotion, excitement and anticipation as a traditional wedding day – what’s not to love about them? A+S incorporated a Zaffa into their wedding; an Egyptian wedding tradition and the energy that created was extraordinary – the happiness, excitement and celebration was palpable. The night finished off with not only a photobooth, but with one of S’s bridesmaids being the DJ – how epic is that?

There’s no right or wrong way to have a wedding – and these photos show you just that!

Tips for Casa Loma Wedding Photos

  • If you’re opting to have your wedding in the Library room as Casa Loma, consider not filling the room to capacity. It’s a beautiful room, but when at capacity, it can be difficult to walk around the tables which means it’s a tad challenging greeting all your guests during the reception. If you are having the room at capacity, make sure you attend your cocktail hour (or at least the majority of it) so you can have that one-on-one time with your guests
  • Photographically, the Library is challenging to shoot in. It’s a rich, mahogany coloured room which means everything ends up with a colour cast and personally, I really like that. When I edit, my goal is to mimic the ambiance of the room – so if it’s rich and golden, your photos will be rich and golden. If that’s not the esthetic you like, though, consider having your reception in the Conservatory or your whole wedding in the Glass House instead.
  • It rained for most of A+S’s wedding day, but Casa Loma has some covered areas! A+S didn’t mind wet ground, though, so we still managed to get outside in between the sprinkles of rain and got some epic shots. If you’re having a Casa Loma wedding, always consider heading outside for photos – even if it’s raining – so you can get the full effect of the castle! If you’re wearing a dress, it’s going to get a bit dirty no matter what (even from the dancefloor!) so you may as well get it dirty and have epic photos, right?

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