wedding ceremony in the fermenting cellar distrillery district
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Romantic Fermenting Cellar Wedding Photos

I waited years and years for a chance to take Fermenting Cellar wedding photos and when A+C told me they were getting married in the Fermenting Cellar, I jumped with joy! Not only was the ceremony and reception ultra romantic with a warm, candle light vibe, but even the getting ready photos were emotional and moment-driven. If I could give couples any single piece of advice, it would be to do what A+C did: make time to hang out with your friends and wedding party on your wedding day. Chill and have a glass of wine, some beer or go through photos together. Take the time to be present with each other – that’s what the day is all about!

I hope you enjoy these Fermenting Cellar wedding photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!

Tips for Fermenting Cellar wedding photos

  1. There are typically options for uplighting available when you book The Fermenting Cellar; those options are often warm (yellow/orange) or cool (purple/blue). This is why when you search “Fermenting Cellar wedding photos” you may see two very different vibes of photos. I always think warm is better than cool for a few reasons; firstly because it gives that candle lit vibe and second because it’s much more flattering for skin tones
  2. Use light to decorate in addition to the uplighting. The stringlight backdrop as a part of the ceremony is perfect! Light is sometimes even more important than other decor elements, like flowers.
  3. Even with uplighting and decorative lights, it’s still an exceptionally dark venue. This means that you should be choosing a wedding photographer who is well versed in artificial lighting if you want to have amazing Fermenting Cellar wedding photos. A lot of photographers are ‘natural light photographers’ which means at best they put a flash on their camera and try to bounce it off the ceiling. This won’t work in the Fermenting Cellar, though – off-camera lighting is ideal. Make sure to ask to see full galleries of similar venues (doesn’t have to be the same one) when hiring a wedding photographer!

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