Infographic Review: So you Wanna Be a [Wedding] Photographer

I found this hilarious infographic on Fotoseed’s website – whether you’re an amateur photographer, an aspiring photographer, a pro photographer or a bride – I suggest you read it, too!  Why?  I’ll tell you in a minute – why don’t you read Fotoseed’s awesome infographic first:

So you want to be a photographer infographic
from www.fotoseed.com
Check out their site – they are lovely and fantastic!

So, what did you think?

There were a few parts of this infographic that I thought were amazing and, honestly, am thankful that they stated so openly!

…folks start expecting work for cheap, or free”

This is a problem I run into all the time!  I have lost count of the amount of times that I have heard clients say “Well, my cousin only paid $1,000 for her wedding photos and she got 2 shooters and an album with that.” but what they may not have realized is that particular photographer was new, had no backup gear, no insurances and may have not even been paying taxes on that amount.

I’ve discussed reasons why photography pricing can appear expensive, but I approached it from a bride’s perspective.  I love how Fotoseed stated  it the other way around:

“… if your expenses are more than 35% the cost of the package, you will go out of business”

Now don’t get all hoity toity on me and say “I only give images on DVD – I have no expenses” so I can shoot a whole wedding for under a thousand dollars and still profit.  Your computer is an expense, your gear (as well as backup gear and insurances for it) are an expensive, your vehicle and the gas you use to get to and from the gig are an expense – and don’t forget about the cellphone, internet and web hosting bills, too!  Oh, and  you want to include an album in the cost of your package?  Unless you plan on feeding your family on the $5/hr you earn from your impossibly low price point, you may want to reconsider adding in printed material.  Crunch your numbers, my dear friends – you may be in for a surprise.  (Oh, and brides… this is some great insight for you, too.  If your photographer is offering so much that they seem almost too good to be true – it may be a sign that their expenses are way too high in proportion to their profit which means they could go bankrupt before you walk down the aisle!)

Lastly, I absolutely adore the fact that Fotoseed concludes with providing you a path to sustainability!  Just because you can’t make it as a business (for whatever reason) doesn’t mean you’re never allowed to pick up a camera again – go the hobbyist route and take creative control back!

Providing photography services at a reasonable price point is essential for any business if they want to not only sustain, but thrive!  When you become a photographer, especially a wedding photographer, you owe it to your clients to run a sustainable business.  Your clients should be able to rely on you to be there on their big day without worrying that you’ll be shutting down shop and taking up a new, more lucrative career.

Finally, to the brides and grooms reading this article – when it comes to vendor shopping, always remember that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is!

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