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Indoor Toddler Lifestyle Family Session

As a mama to young kiddo, I can say that there’s a special place in my heart for indoor toddler lifestyle family session images. When you have a toddler, your house can be pure chaos and while there may be some days that you’ll wonder if you’ll ever have a clean house again, for the most part, we wouldn’t want to change anything about that beautiful chaos. Those toddler years are filled with such curiosity and are so fleeting; next thing you know they’re ready for JK and don’t want you to hold their hand anymore (I’m not crying, you’re crying!)

Photographing toddlers is not without its challenges; luckily I’ve had 24/7 first-hand experience for the last half-decade and have learned a few tricks that no workshop or photography mentoring can really teach you. Toddlers are the epitome of unpredictable so when you’re planning a photo session, you need to make sure that you minimize the chances of those wacky unpredictable moments. I love indoor toddler lifestyle sessions because the little one’s environment is staying the same. They’re in their place, with their toys and their people. It really minimizes the unpredictability that can happen when you go to a park or opt for a studio session.

This indoor toddler lifestyle session has to be one of my faves – let’s take a peek at what adventures our little one is up to today!

Indoor Toddler Lifestyle Family Session: Tips

  • When capturing indoor toddler lifestyle family sessions, I know before I walk in that there’s likely going to be toys everywhere. And you know what? That’s perfect. I would never expect a house with a toddler in it to be pristine. Lifestyle photography is all about real moments and real surroundings – so big deal if there’s toys around! Playing and having fun is part of the session so toys are totally okay to have around!
  • Sometimes toddlers will “make strange” with new people, especially if you’ve had a pandemic baby. A lot of pandemic babies have (understandably) had a more limited social circle so it may take some extra time to warm up to a new person, especially one that’s got a camera with them. It’s not uncommon for me to start sessions by sitting on the floor and playing with your little one before I even touch my camera. Developing rapport is necessary – both with adults and with the littles!
  • Switch it up and opt for indoor and outdoor play during your session – but stick to your back yard. Having a variety of locations is fun for your little one and creates more opportunities for making memories.

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