Email Templates for Photographers – ALL


Set #1, Set #2 and Set #3 of our email templates.  Over 100+ email templates in the pack!

Over the course of the years I’ve spent in business, one of the things I’ve learned is that effective and efficient communication is one of the keys to success.
Finding your voice, as a business owner, can be downright difficult for many.  How do you speak with confidence without coming off as too confident?  How do you approach some of the difficult situations a business person can face in a way that is both understanding and fair to all involved?
I created email templates as a means to help others not only streamline their communication but to provide education to those who need to find their voice or refine the voice that they have.  Learning how to say things, when to say things and why certain things need to be said helps create a solid foundation for future communication skills.
Email templates are easily customized not only with your own content but with your own branding and personal elements because, let’s face it, people don’t want to receive robotic scripts from photographers who claim to want to develop a deep rapport.  These templates can be used as it or customized to fit your brand and your client’s needs but most importantly, they are a tool to help you find your voice and communicate clearly.
This contains pack #1, pack #2 and pack #3
A total of 100+ email templates for wedding photographer that include all the email templates from:
  • Managing Inquiries + Initial Conversations
  • Engagement + Wedding Conversations
  • Emotional + Difficult Conversations

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