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    Email Templates for Photographers – ALL

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    123 e-mail templates + sales scripts for wedding photographers

    Includes all templates in pack #1, pack #2 + pack #3

  • Email Templates for Photographers – Emotional + Difficult Conversations

    1. Client requests copyrights
    2. Client wants raw photos
    3. Responding to “your prices are too high” #1
    4. Responding to “your prices are too high” #2
    5. Responding to blunt discount requests
    6. Responding to off-season discount requests
    7. Client continues insisting on a discount
    8. Client asks if you travel
    9. Requesting destination wedding in exchange for travel
    10. Explaining to friends + family why they don’t get a discount
    11. Requesting a wedding date too far in advance (18+ months)
    12. Explaining additional fees (second shooter, retouching, etc.)
    13. Client requests to see “all the photos”
    14. Client sends you Pinterest photos for “inspiration”
    15. Client sends you a huge must-have shot list
    16. Requesting overdue payments: version 1
    17. Requesting overdue payments: version 2
    18. Requesting overdue payments: contract will be terminated
    19. Clients mention they will “edit” their own photos
    20. Client requests change in editing style (after booking)
    21. Discussing unrealistic timelines with clients
    22. When a client wants “formal photos” at each table
    23. Venue visit: No
    24. Venue visit: Yes
    25. Asking for a different style/approach
    26. Client wants to remove image usage after booking
    27. Client unhappy with engagement photos: There’s no problem with the photos
    28. Client unhappy with engagement photos: You could have done better
    29. Client cancelling: version 1
    30. Client cancelling: version 2
    31. Client unhappy with wedding photos: There’s no problem with the photos #1
    32. Client unhappy with wedding photos: There’s no problem with the photos #2
    33. Client unhappy with wedding photos: You could have done better
    34. Upset client: Expected full retouching on all photos
    35. Client upset: wanted a photo of every guest
    36. Telling your client you’re pregnant: you still plan on shooting
    37. Telling your client you’re pregnant: you’re unsure if you can shoot
    38. Telling your client you’re pregnant: you can no longer shoot
    39. Client hasn’t chosen their album photos
    40. Client hasn’t chosen their album photos: final notice
    41. Client hasn’t picked up their album: final notice
    42. Client hasn’t picked up their usb: final notice
    43. Firing a client: Version #1
    44. Firing a client: Version #2
    45. Responding to “When will my photos be ready” email
    46. Clients tagging your second shooters business in their posts
    47. Clients not giving photo credit or tags on social media
    48. Clients who apply filters to social media photos
  • email templates for wedding photographers, email templates for photographers

    Email Templates for Photographers – Engagement + Wedding Conversations

    1. Your client portal + next steps
    2. Preparing for your engagement session
    3. Location tips for engagement sessions
    4. Clothing suggestions for engagement photos
    5. Engagement session rescheduling request: bad weather
    6. Engagement session rescheduling request: questionable weather
    7. Engagement session rescheduling request: other reason
    8. Client wants to bring their pet(s) to the engagement session
    9. Client wants to bring their kid(s) to the engagement session
    10. Post engagement check-in
    11. Post engagement blog link
    12. Post engagement gallery link
    13. Have you scheduled your engagement photos yet?
    14. Vendor recommendations
    15. Check-in email + helpful tips
    16. Sample timeline
    17. How much time is needed for photos?
    18. Helpful hints for family photos
    19. How to ensure you’re shooting in natural light all day
    20. How to ensure th egetting ready room is clean
    21. Vendor meals + meal seating
    22. Pre-wedding questionnaire
    23. Pre-wedding questionnaire follow-up
    24. Venue visit (no)
    25. Venue Visit (yes)
    26. Confirming your wedding info
    27. Client wants to add in more photo combinations
    28. Final pre-wedding check-in
    29. Post-wedding thank you email
    30. Post-wedding sneak peeks
    31. Post-wedding blog link
    32. Post-wedding blog link: for vendors
    33. Post-wedding gallery delivery
    34. Post-wedding review request
    35. How to order a wedding album
    36. Album proofing appointment
    37. Your album is ready for pickup
    38. Image purging notice
  • Email Templates for Photographers – Managing Inquiries + Initial Contacts

    1. Initial Inquiry: You’re Available
    2. Initial Inquiry: Get them on the phone
    3. Initial Inquiry: Short + Sweet
    4. Initial Inquiry: They only want prices
    5. Initial Inquiry: You have associated
    6. Initial Inquiry: You’re not available (but will refer)
    7. Initial Inquiry: You’re not available (no referrals)
    8. Client requests elopement coverage on a prime date (Saturday)
    9. Requesting a wedding date too far in advance (18+ months)
    10. Requesting services you don’t offer
    11. Cold Follow up #1
    12. Cold Follow up #2
    13. Warm Follow up #1
    14. Warm Follow up #2
    15. Venue isn’t the right fit
    16. Have you shot at my venue before? (yes)
    17. Have you shot at my venue before? (no)
    18. Client requests to see 2nd shooters portfolio
    19. Date being requested by another couple: Prior to consult/meeting
    20. Client insists on meeting in person for a consult (you don’t do in person)
    21. Client insists on meeting in person for a consult (you agree)
    22. Meeting confirmation: In person
    23. Meeting confirmation: Online
    24. Pre-consult check-in
    25. After consult follow up
    26. Date being requested by another couple: After consult
    27. Sending a contract
    28. Thanks for booking! Let’s get started
    29. Requesting price matching (no)
    30. Requesting price matching (maybe)
    31. When you’re not a good fit (based on email interactions)
    32. When you’re not a good fit (based on consult)
    33. Inquiring if you travel
    34. Requesting destination wedding in exchange for travel
    35. Waiving model release (you agree, no fee)
    36. Waiving model release (you agree, fees associates)
    37. Waiving model release (you do not agree)
  • How to Get Amazing Clients: A Guidebook to Client Calls


    Everyone talks about ‘red flags’ from clients; but did you know that there are specific questions you should be asking to help determine if your client is the best fit for you?

    When you meet with a client for a consult you’re there to share with them what the experience of working with you is like; this is how you show your value.  By asking key questions you’ll be able to:

    • show the client what’s important to you
    • illustrate your approach and preferences
    • learn about the clients preferences
    • establish if the client is a good fit for you

    Our 48-page guidebook will take you through assessments vs. selling and establishing your baselines for relationship expectations.  It also includes 4 modules with samples questions to help determine not only the general vibe of the clients events but to learn specifics around how the client makes decisions, where their priorities lie and a deeper dive into what level of service and what expectations they have.  The guide wraps up with information on how to use this information to secure a client and a worksheet to bring with you for all calls to help keep you organized.

    In our crisis management workbook, we talk about how preventing crisis is a key component to running a successful business and working with the right clients is a solid strategy!

  • How to Interview Associate Photographers


    Asking the right questions to help you hire the right associates.

    This 22-page workbook covers:

    • Overview of the interview process
    • Portfolio reviews: what they are and how to go about them when your candidates have varying levels of experience
    • Basic interview strategy
    • First interview questions (16 of them)
    • Second interview questions (8 of them)
    • Resources for additional help
  • How to Price Yourself as a Wedding Photographer


    What This Course Contains

    • An .xls spreadsheet (that can be opened in Open Office or Google Sheets)
    • An 46 page workbook to take you through step-by-step
    • Access to our Facebook community

  • Ideal Client Avatar: A Workbook


    Trying to please everybody is a fast-track to heart ache; this is why you need to know who your ideal clients are and market to them.

    This 48-page workbook covers:

    • exploring your current client avatar
    • brainstorming your ideal client avatar
    • discussing ideal esthetics vs. ideal attitudes and values
    • comparing and contracting your ideal avatar within your market and competition
    • building your ideal client avatar
    • reflecting on your personal values and alignment with your ideal avatars
    • clues on how to find these ideal clients
  • Implementing Smart Retainer Fees: A Workbook for Photographers


    Determining your retainer isn’t simply about choosing what amount (or %) “feels right”; there’s a way to do it to make sure you’re building additional layers of sustainability and security into your business.

    This workbook includes:

    • Discussions around terminology
    • Contract verbiage reminders
    • Overview of income management during crisis
    • Differentiating deposit vs. retainers
    • Determining your essential business expenses
    • Establishing a secure retainer amount
    • Flat rate vs. percentage retainer outlines
    • Case study
    • Reflections + troubleshooting

    While written for wedding photographers; the information is applicable to all forms of photography.

  • MASTERCLASS: Expanding your Team with Associates (Slides Only)


    Thinking about growing your photography team with associates?  Don’t do it without knowing the in’s and out’s – your brand and reputation depend on it!

    This is the slide deck only that we use in our Masterclass.  No voiceover or narration.  Slide deck includes the following topics:

    • Benefits of hiring associates
    • Drawbacks of hiring associates
    • Characteristics of good associates
    • When is the right time to expand your team?
    • How big should your team be?
    • What you need to do before interviewing
    • Discussion of associate duties
    • Payment structures for associates
    • Pricing strategies for teams
    • Online presence for teams
    • Retention + appreciation of your associates
    • Contract elements to discuss with your lawyer
  • Rising Above after Hard Times: Crisis Management Workbook


    Nobody is immune to difficult times, especially small business owners.  Whether you’re dealing with an angry client who is threatening to leave bad reviews or an entire global pandemic, there are crucials DO’s and DON’Ts you need to keep in mind as you navigate a crisis.  Being in a tough situation doesn’t mean your business has to suffer as a result, but you do need a plan for crisis management and this is what we’re here to help you with.

    This 41-page guide addresses:

    • The importance of gaining the skill of crisis management as an entrepreneur
    • Defining what a crisis is and what crisis management means
    • Looking at the 6 main types of crisis a business can face
    • Prevention and mitigation of crisis
    • The crucial DO’s and DON’Ts
    • Money management strategies during difficult times
    • Worksheets for evaluation and growth
  • What’s In a Photography Contract? A Guidebook for Photographers


    A lot of photographers have, what I call, “franken-contracts”.  They’ve pieced together contracts through various things they’ve found online and holy freaking crow, folks, that is such a bad idea!  Even when you buy contracts online there’s always the disclaimer that you should check with a lawyer in your area to make sure you have everything you need…. but how do you know what to even discuss with a lawyer?

    We’re here to help you with that.

    This 79-page guidebook provides you with topics that we cover in our contract; it discusses why these topics are important and makes suggestions as to how you can help protect yourself.

    The guidebook includes a worksheet and reflection area to you can determine where the biggest holes in your contract are and what your areas of priority are for having it fixed!

    It’s time to protect yourself and your business.