We capture a limited number of weddings per year in order to facilitate top quality customer service as well as to provide individualized attention to every image we capture.  While we generally book 12-15 months in advance, we always welcome inquiries from prospective clients!  We love talking about weddings and hearing all about your plans and how you envision photography fitting into your day.Fill out the form below.

Here’s a few things you may want to know about contacting a our Toronto wedding photographer team:

  • Even though we have an amazing team of talented photographers, we still operate very much like a small business.  Emails are answered personally by Erika (owner) and not by a sales associate
  • Our normal email turnaround time is pretty darn speedy; within hours when we’re in the office!
  • There are days when we’re shooting for 12+ hours and have limited access to our emails on those days.  We will promptly reply to you as soon as we get back to the office and back up our memory cards from the wedding (a very important step!)
  • We prefer communicating by email; it helps us stay organized which means a quicker reply for you!  Please do not send inquiries through social media or text – email is the way to go!!

We love hearing from you!  We also love it when you’ve done a wee bit of searching through our website too.  We proudly display all of our prices online in an easy to read PDF file located under the “Prices” link.  If you’re in the early stages of planning and just looking for prices, head on over to our pricing page and I can guarantee that you’ll have all your questions answered by what’s in our PDF.  Still have questions?  Send off an email!


Why does your contact form include “venue”?

There’s a few really important reasons that we like to know what your venue is.

First, if we’ve been there before and have blogged it, we want to send you the link!  Second, having a venue secured means that your date is definitely “locked in”.  The venue is typically the largest percentage of your wedding budget so once you book for a certain date, there’s almost no chance that that date will change.  If you’re flexible on your date and want to choose a date based on our availability, that’s freaking awesome!  Let’s chat!  But if you are still contemplating several dates it’s really difficult for us to let you know who’s available for which date as things can change so quickly.  Third, we have a “Bucket List” promotion and we’d like to know if you’re eligible for it!

Finally, there are a few venues in Toronto (and the surrounding areas) that have some really, well, weird (in my opinion) policies about photography.  Some venues simply do not allow us in your reception room and insist that we are seated in another room.  How can we do our job if we’re not allowed to be in the same room as you?  There are are few other interesting policies are certain places that make it next to impossible for us to do our job properly – we can’t in all good faith accept a commission at those venues if we know that they have policies that will affect how well we can do our job.  I know, it’s sad.  I thought we were all on the same team?