I’m so excited to announce our very first 60-minute Facebook Savings Event!  What is it, you ask?  It’s simple: All of my Facebook Fans will have a chance at saving tonnes of money on prints, canvases, albums and even wedding packages simply by commenting on on special photos/images that I will be posting!  Oh, and rumour has it that there may a coveted non-wedding portrait session up for grabs, too!

Unlike other past contests that ran for weeks and required you to bring fans to the page, this one requires very little work on your part!  This contest is all about saying THANK YOU to my Facebook fans!  You just have to make sure you’re sitting at your computer at 8:00pm on Tuesday, February 21st!


When and where is this happening?

This awesome 60-minute sale extravaganza is happening starting at 8:00pm on Tuesday, February 21st 2012 on my Facebook Fanpage!  If you aren’t already a fan, make sure you become one by hitting the “like” button!


Here’s how it works

Starting at 8:00pm on Tuesday, February 21st, 2012, I will be posting a series of wallphotos describing amazing deals and discounts!  If you wish to win this discount, simple comment under the photo!  By 9:00pm (one hour later) the sale will be over!  Any discounts that do not have comments under them will be closed and void!  (That means you have to act fast or you’ll lose our on awesome deals!)


Which comment will win?

In some cases, I may let the comments generate for a brief period of time and then choose a winner via random.org.  In other cases, I may ask a question and the first person to comment with the correct answer will win.  What you need to do and how the winner will be chosen will be clearly indicated in the wallphoto so there is no confusion.


What you can win

Well, the exact prizes themselves are top-secret!  But you can expect to see deals involving prints, canvases, all kinds of albums and perhaps even a pretty fantastic deal on a wedding package!  Oh… and maybe… just maaaaybe….. there might be a coveted portrait session up for grabs!  That’s all I can say for now, you’ll have to wait until 8:00pm on Tuesday February 21st to see the full details!


The most important thing to remember

By commenting on any one of these special sale wallphotos, you’re agreeing to the fact that if you win it, you will purchase it.  That means that if you don’t plan on purchasing it, don’t comment!  (I love all your comments on the pretty photos, so keep those coming!  But this is a serious contest with an amazing opportunity for fantastic discounts so please, if you don’t intend on purchasing the deal then maybe you can comment on some of the pretty wedding photos instead!)


Here’s one more pretty important thing

You can only comment once PER DEAL.  You can comment on as many deals as you want, heck, you can try to win them all – but only one comment is allowed per each individual deal.   There’s a really simple reason for this (which I’ve learned through fellow colleagues who have ran this same type of contest) adding multiple comments to a bunch of photos in a short period of time sets off Facebook’s spam filter!  That’s right folks, facebook might think you’re a spammer and without any notice whatsoever, Facebook will suspend your account for several days.  So to keep everything fair and to make sure no one gets their account suspended, we will only be allowing one comment per deal.  (If you try to comment multiple times, all your comments will be deleted.  We’re all adults, we know how to play fair, right?)


What happens if I win 2 similar prizes?

If you win two prizes that can be combined together (lets say free prints + free canvases) then you’d win both since they can be combined together.  If you try to win 2 (or more) similar prize packages that are impossible to combine together, you will win the first prize that you were drawn for and the remaining prizes will be re-drawn.

Without giving too much away, here’s an example:  Let’s say prize #1 is a free large album with a purchase of a wedding package.  You comment because you want to win it.  Let’s say prize #2 is a free small album with the purchase of a wedding package.  You comment because you also want to win that one.  Now, let’s say that you’re SUPER lucky and you win BOTH those prizes.  It’s impossible to win both those prizes since you’re only paying for one wedding package, so you’d win the first draw, and I’d re-draw for the 2nd prize.  (But if you’re really that lucky, I’d suggest buying a lottery ticket that night!)

I will make sure to note which prizes can or cannot be combined so there’s no confusion!


A few other (boring) details

  • You must be 18 years or older to play
  • Remember, we archive your photos for 1 year – after 1 year we no longer have your photos on file and professional prints/canvases/albums are no longer available.  Please consider this when commenting on certain prizes.
  • Winners will be posted on the Facebook Fanpage no later than 11:59pm on Tuesday September 21st, 2012
  • The contest is open to past and current clients as well as anyone who lives in the GTA, KW or Durham regions.
  • Deposit/payment information will be posted in the wallphoto.  Failure to provide payment as described in the wallphoto will render your prize void.
  • Winners cannot transfer their prize/discount to another person
  • If your prize/discount involves a photo session, winners must sign a model release form prior to their photos being taken.
  • If your prize/discount involves a photo session, the session must take place within a 1.5 hr driving distance from 24 Forest Manor Rd, Toronto.
  • If your prize/discount involves a photo session, the client is responsible for any additional fees that may be associated with the session (permits, parking fees, etc.)
  • Should the winners or a discount/prize have a pending session/order similar to their prize, the new prize cannot be used the balance of any current orders/sessions.
  • Prizes/winnings have no cash value.