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Oretta Restaurant Wedding

What do you call it when a couple has multiple locations for their wedding? It’s hard to say – I’ll just call this one an Oretta Restaurant Wedding since we got to spend an amazing slice of our afternoon in Oretta Restaurant (which is so freaking beautiful, I honestly can’t even) before heading over to The Royalton Banquet Hall for an epic celebration with friends and family. There are some folks who will have a complete Oretta Restaurant wedding; everything from the ceremony to the reception – but Jenny + Mario opted for the condensed version and rented Oretta for a spectacular photo session. I think having the best of both worlds was a pretty smart idea, don’t you? Being an Oretta certainly made us hungry though, so everybody was excited to be greated at The Royalton banquet hall by the most epic antipasto bar. After all, weddings are about friends, family and food, right?

I hope you love these Oretta Restaurant wedding photos as much as we do!

3 Tips for Royalton Banquet Hall Wedding Photos

  1. There is natural light in the foyer which means it’s beautiful for your cocktail hour and for family photos!
  2. The space is quite large which means you have room for not only the epic antipasto bar, but for live music and even a photobooth. Banquet hall weddings certainly have their advantages!
  3. Be cautious with your decor and make sure that you can see your guests (and they can see you too!)

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