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Toronto Condo Newborn Photos

As I arrived to take these Toronto condo newborn photos, I knew that I’d be in for a treat! I could tell just from the outside of the building that the light inside would be phenomenal. Natural light is always the best choice for newborn photos – it’s less harsh than flash and continuous as to not upset those precious hours of sleep your little one needs to grow. One of the challenges with indoor lifestyle sessions, however, is that sometimes all you have is 1 window.

So what do you do?

…you move furniture around!

You heard me – you make your space work for you. I’m so grateful that my couples and families trust my judgment and are up to crazy ideas like moving furniture for the sake of light. It truly changes the quality of the photos more than any amount of photoshopping or presets ever could. Can you tell from these photos when we “changed our set”?

Toronto Condo Newborn Photos: Tips

  • The best way to prepare for your photo session when you’re in a small space is to opt for the “laundry basket method”. Get a few laundry baskets and throw stuff into those baskets temporarily to clean up a space, then bring it back after the session. Small spaces can mean cluttered spaces – but you can fix that quickly with a few laundry baskets!
  • Keep in mind that your photographer is going to want to work in areas where there is window light either at your side or infront of you. We rarely like to work with light behind you unless we’re trying to achieve a silhouette look. If your couch or bed is currently in front of a window, we may as you if you’re open to moving things around. Don’t worry – we’ll help get everything back into it’s spot before we leave!
  • Finally, if you’re looking to capture Toronto condo newborn photos make sure that you’re looking for photographers who are comfortable and capable working in smaller spaces with limited light. Small spaces are beautiful but they do have unique challenges to them and experience working in small spaces is a must.

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