Oakview Terrace wedding photos

Oakview Terrace Wedding Photos

One of the things I love the most about Dana + Logan’s Oakview Terrace wedding photos isn’t just her fabulous pink dress, but the genuine and unapologetic emotion of the day. Lea did a phenomenal job capturing this wedding as a part of the Ten·2·Ten Photography team and just like all our photographers here, she focused on the real moments. The happy tears, big smiles, extra tight hugs – this wedding has it all.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Oakview Terrace, you’re in for a treat. Located just outside of Toronto, this amazing venue has you feeling like you’re in the Muskokas without leaving the 416 area code. The waterfront is perfect for sunset photos and the intimate little chapel on the property is ideal for your I Do’s.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful moments of this Oakview Terrace wedding as much as we do:

3 Tips for Oakview Terrace Wedding Photos

  1. Utilize sunset to your advantage. The waterfront if spectacular and heavenly, especially when the sun is setting. Make time in your reception to sneak away for 5 minutes to watch the sun set and create some memories.
  2. Embrace the cozy and the colours of the little chapel. I adore the space for it’s esthetics, but it’s actually incredibly hard to photograph in. The colour cast is intense and no amount of editing can correct for it. Of course, black and white images are always a go-to in situations where colour can be a bit wonky, but I also think that part of the charm of Oakview Terrace is the esthetics of the colourful chapel – so embrace it!
  3. Opt for an outdoor patio options for your reception to give your guests a second place to go and hang! The outdoor space is as beautiful (if not moreso) than inside! Bonus points if you hang some string lights and do your first dance outside.

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