royal ambassador wedding photos

Royal Ambassador Wedding Photos

I’m forever in love with these photos, captured by Lea as a part of the Ten·2·Ten Team, because this wedding truly has everything. From quiet moments getting ready, unforgettable entrances and the blending of cultures and traditions unique to each family, these Royal Ambassador wedding photos will have you smiling from ear to ear.

Going through these photos reminds of of what a wedding is really about; it’s the celebration of love and the joining not only of two people, but of their families and friends. To share traditions, participate in ceremonies and celebrate together on a dancefloor, weddings really are a beautiful slice of happiness in life.

I hope you love these Royal Ambassador wedding photos as much as we do!

Tips for taking Royal Ambassador wedding photos

  • Use sunset to your advantage. The Royal Ambassador is a stunning outdoor space but there’s not a whole lot of shade, so to best use the grounds and the scenery, make sure to take 10-15 minutes of time before sunset for a quick venture outside with your photographer. Unsure how to schedule this? Talk to your photographer and share your reception schedule with them, it’s really easy to fit in sunset portraits in between courses — I promise!
  • For outdoor ceremonies, consider providing parasols, fans or even sunglasses for your guests. You can do this either in lieu of reception favours or in addition to. This will help break the heat of a hot summer wedding.
  • Make sure to position your reception tables and podium in a way where all the key people (the couple, parents, grandparents) can easily see each other during speeches. Sometimes with larger event spaces, we can forget that decor can actually obscure our view from certain places so you really want to make sure that all the VIPs can see clearly during those important and emotional moments.

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